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Formed in 1996 to nurture, support, and help bring qualified Entrepreneurs safely to capital markets.

NJAngels is a manager-led network of accredited investors, Angels, Venture Capitalists, and successful Entrepreneurs.  Most have expertise in Life Sciences disciplines we’ve termed:

          NanoBio Tools, Materials, and Medical Devices,

We are keen on CEOs who are focused onimprovingPatient-outcomes and HealthCare by discovering new technologies in:

  • Diagnostics, Imaging,
  • Development of BioPharmaceuticals, new Drug Delivery methods, Regen-medicines, Wound Healing, Stem Cell therapies, and
  • Any tools, infotech or devices which help Surgeons, Nurses, First Responders or Wounded Warriors.


NJAngels convenes monthly events for Angels + VCs to review Entrepreneurial BPlans:

24Aug.     Focus on Improving Surgical Closures for Women’s Health.   * FiddlersElbowCC

  7Sept     Focus on Auditions for Life Sciences Venture Fairs:                 * FiddlersElbowCC

13Sept     How to Procure Angel Capital:       Tip Tactics & Techniques        CCIT  4-to-6p

  2Oct       How to Procure Venture Capital:    Tip Tactics & Techniques      CCIT  4-to-6p

  6Nov      Funded CEOs:  Advice from Entrepreneurs who have moved up the food chain    4-to-6p



          www.NJAngels.net/LifeSci_HealthCare_MedDevices_ElevatorPitchOlympics_12Nov’128-to-4p Marriott, VANJ.com


  4Dec.     BEST of BEST CEOs.    www.NJAngels.net/BESTofBESTCEOs     CCIT  12n –to- 6p

Email EntreUniv@gmail.com for program flier, submit ExecSumm, register for a program, or schedule Interview.


Jan  10th  2013:     How to Procure Angel Capital:        Tip Tactics & Techniques       CCIT  4-to-6p

Feb    5th  2013:    How to Procure Venture  Capital:   Tip Tactics & Techniques       CCIT  4-to-6p

March 5th 2013:    Funded CEOs; Advice from the next rung up the VC food chain  CCIT 4-to-6p


April   2nd  2013:   How to Procure Angel Capital:         Tip Tactics & Techniques       CCIT  4-to-6p

May    7th  2013:    How to Procure Venture Capital:    Tip Tactics & Techniques       CCIT  4-to-6p

June   4th 2013:    Best of the Best CEOs:  Entrepreneurs bake off for the money  CCIT


Invite only VenturEvaluation workshops  for above dates: 8 – 10a  Register atwww.EntreUniv.org  

Our NJAngels Sponsors provide Fast Pitch Coaching 2-to-4p $40.

2:00p      Introductions of Venture Developers, Accredited Angels, Due Diligence Lead Advisors

2:10p            First        CEO   for 20-Minute DealScrubbing session 

2:30p            Second   CEO   for 20-Minute DealScrubbing session

3:00p            Third       CEO   for 20-Minute DealScrubbing session wraps.


3:10p      Networking reception while private breakout sessions for Entrepreneurs improving slides.


Swipe $40. PayPal at www.EntreUniv.org for 20-minute Forum Coaching fee between 2-4p, paid to NJEF, Inc. the New Jersey Entrepreneurs’ Forum, Inc. a 28-yr old non-profit educational institution.

Send Exec Summaries in advance to EntreUniv@gmail.com   We accept Call-Ins — as needed.

NJAngels produces technical topic programs as ANGELS + VCs for Lunch.  By invite only.

Our venue  our video-studio is inside the Commercialization Center for Innovative Technologies,

# 675 Route 1 southbound, North Brunswick, NJ 08902 ( GPS use # 681)  behind Anthem Institute.

(click this mapquest  http://www.mapquest.com/#d4f8c30d933fee9822834017   note use of #681.  See map inset. )

The CCIT is south of the Farm Road exit onto Cook College Campus of Rutgers Univ.

Driving north on Route 1, about 10-miles of Princeton Univ. exit at DeVry Institute, and then take underpass to southbound side of Rte 1.  The CCIT is behind the Anthem Institute, on the campus of the Technology Center of  New Jersey.  This campus has its own exits from Route 1.  Note: new underpass construction completed 2Q’12.

Email EntreUniv@gmail.com for program flier, submit ExecSumm, register for a program, or schedule Interview.

NJAngels Networks help scores of Entrepreneurial CEOs improve & expand their business by Sponsoring theEntrepreneurs University programs:  see www.EntreUniv.org

  • EntreUniv.org helps Entrepreneurs prepare and write fundable business plans, protect CEOs and their technology, and build a Team.   It will involve researching and organizing marketplace assumptions to build realistic business models and projections of cash needs and cashflows;
  • ·      Teach Entrepreneurs how to negotiate the sale of securities to professional investors;


  • Make a compelling and fundable Fast Pitch 5 + 5 Venture Plan presentation in front of an audience of sophisticated accredited private investors within 300-seconds, by which you demonstrate your comprehensive understanding of what it will take to make this venture succeed — with other people’s money.  Expert Panelists and Sponsors quiz the Entrepreneurs for another five-minutes.  Entrepreneur videotapes can be available online; 
  • NJAngels help select Entrepreneurs to prepare in advance to be able to survive the due diligence gauntlet of proof backing up claims, key to motivating serious Investors and Partners, to close investment in their technology company.

Entrepreneurs University programs have helped dozens raise millions of dollars to develop technology companies, employ skilled teammates, and commercialize products and services.

Register FAST  PITCH  5 + 5  Venture  Plan  Forum

click hereCoaching 2-4p  and then Pitch to audience (video capture) 4-5p

             $40. to participate 4-6p. Must pay an additional $80. for coaching and pitching forums. 

Email your Executive Summary and slides to EntreUniv@gmail.com for quick reply.

Entrepreneurs undergo telephone Interview w/ Lead Angel or Lead Advisor, then PayPal $40. swipe.

Entrepreneurs appreciate real-world, hard-hitting feedback from seasoned investors, and fellow Entrepreneurs, Angels, and Venture Capitalists.   We provide feedback with no strings attached.

Our purpose is to promote Entrepreneurship, Capital Formation, and Job Creation.

NJAngels’ experts come from key integrated disciplines who specialize in commercializing: 


●      Intellectual Property, Licensing, and Regulatory expertise.

●      Business Plan Writing, composing Executive Summaries, and compelling scripted slidedecks

●      Securities Law, Private Placement Memoranda

●      Accounting, Tax advice.

●      Sourcing Angel capital, 

●      Sourcing Venture capital, 

●      Sourcing Human capital,  

●      Creative Capital, Banking, Equity, Mergers & Acquisitions.


NJAngels’  VenturEvaluations  help commercialize  science 

ANGELS + VCs for Lunch

By Helping Entrepreneurial CEOs  Organize Their

Unfair Commercial & Technological Advantages into

a Fundable Business Plan based on Know-How with:

NanoBio Tools, Materials, + Devices

Companion Diagnostics for Personalized Medicines, 

Vaccines, Regen+NeuroMedicine Discovery Tools,

Drug Delivery, Patient Adherence & Compliance,

Anything for Wounded Warriors, First Responders

Dx & Tx imaging niches, InfoTech to Fix Healthcare. 



# 675 Rte 1s, No. Brunswick, NJ 08902   GPS use #681.

Angels + Presenters pre-register:   AngelsForums@gmail.com

VenturEvaluation workshops Teams of Three  by appointment      8-10a  $40.

ANGELS  +  VCs   LUNCH                      10-2p  $40.




10Jan’13  and then First Tuesdays through to 4June’13 Best of Best CEOs

CEO Fast Pitch Coaching: A 20-Minute Forum to Learn How CEOs Can Make

Cogent Their Company’s Venture Plan Presentation In 5-Minutes    2-4p  $40.  .

ENTREPRENEURS    UNIVERSITY            4-6p   $40 to NJEF, Inc

 Technical Programs (below) Teach CEOs:    HOW TO VENTURE 

  pre-register:  EntreUniv@gmail.com  or via   www.EntreUniv.org  

Sept 13th :  How to Procure Angel Capital;           Tools, Techniques, Tactics you can use

Oct   2nd :   How to Procure Venture Capital;        Tools, Techniques, Tactics you can use

Nov   6th :    Funded CEOs;  Valuable Advice to Get to Your Next Rung UP  the VC Food Chain.


 DAN  CONLEY   w.732.873.1955

OnCallCFO  for  Fundable  Teams; 

Managing Director    NJ  Angels  Networks,   Sponsors  of

Entrepreneurs  University programs: